Covid-19 Status

In Ontario, As of May 19, 2020:

Indoor and Outdoor household services, such as maintenance, are allowed provided that the general trend on health indicators continues to improve, and, service providers adhere to public health guidelines.

Guelph Reno will perform Outdoor renovations.

Guelph Reno will perform some Indoor work if there are no at-higher-risk individuals in the home, and, the work area is easily isolated from home occupants.

Guelph Reno...

▸ Guelph Area
▸ Home Renovations

Providing quality home renovations in the Guelph and surrounding areas for over 15 years.


Here to help:

  •  from  initial drawings
  •  to  final inspection.

Interior Home Renovations:

  • bathrooms,
  • basements, and
  • kitchens.


Exterior Home Renovations:

  • decks,
  • fences, and
  • landscaping.

  • Demolition & Framing
  • Drywall
  • Painting
  • Doors and Trim
  • Tiling and Flooring

Guelph Reno teams up with skilled trades people to:

  • provide professional advice,
  • deliver quality workmanship, and;
  • ensure all is done to code.


Making homes nicer one renovation at a time.


  • Incorporated 2003
  • WSIB Registered Corporation
  • Insured by Economical Mutual
Welcome to Guelph Reno

I’m Richard.

I do most of the work at Guelph Reno, from drawings to painting.

Depending on the size of the project, I’ll bring in helpers. I use licensed tradesmen for Electrical, Plumbing and Gas. If a task is outside of my abilities, I’ll bring in a specialist.

On site, I'm your General Contractor, overseeing the project from start to end. I do most of the work. I liaise with tradesmen for the rest. Being involved with every step improves communications, allows me to monitor quality, and keep the project moving along smoothly.

I work one major project at a time and fit smaller jobs in when time allows. So when we work together it is helpful to schedule larger projects in advance, and, be flexible for smaller work.

I’ve been renovating in Guelph for over 15 years. 75% of my work at Guelph Reno is for repeat customers. For example, I do a fence one year then return to do a bathroom another year. Most of the rest of my work is by referral.

- Richard


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