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Interior Renovations:

    ▶ Kitchens.
    ▷ Bathrooms.
    ▷ Basements.

Guelph Reno:

    ▸ Design.
    ▸ Construction.
    ▸ Finish (paint and tile).
    ▹ Coordinate Trades.
Kitchen Projects

Kitchen renovations require many skills.

Guelph Reno will perform most of the construction and finishing work, and coordinate with licensed tradesmen for Plumbing, Electrical and Gas.

With high-end cabinets, the cabinet maker will install their cabinets. Similarly, expensive counters will be measured and installed by the counter top provider.

Big and Small

Kitchen Projects vary a lot in scope

Small Refresh:
- no change to layout.
- keep cabinets.

  • Counter Top.
  • Backsplash.
  • Paint.

Medium Renovation:
- no change to walls.

  • Plumbing.
  • Move/add electrical.
  • Gas Appliances.
  • Fix holes in walls.
  • New Cabinets.
  • Permits & Inspections if needed.

  • + Refresh Steps.

Large Renovation:

  • Demolition & Rebuild.
  • Flooring.
  • Trim.
  • Permits - Inspections.
  • + Medium Reno Steps.
    + Refresh Reno Steps.

As you move from Small to Large, it becomes more important to hire a General Contractor like Guelph Reno to oversee the project and coordinate trades.

Kitchen Refresh


Guelph Reno sub contracted to install.

  • Simple kitchen.
  • Good cabinets.
  • Nice doors.
Kitchen (left side)
▸ Kitchen (right side)


This was an easy kitchen project since the appliances did not change location.

Still required lots of skills.

Guelph Reno:

  • Mounted cabinets.
  • Installed knobs.
  • Measured counter.
    Counter by Countertop Depot.
  • Installed counter.
  • Placed sink.
    Plumbing hook up by Building Super.
▸ Kitchenette

Online Inspiration:

Midway into a basement renovation, the Customer asked to change a 48" closet into a kitchenette for the home theater room.


Plumber changed the roughed-in plumbing to share drain and vent between bathroom and kitchenette.

The common wall between kitchenette and bathroom is seen on left side of picture.

The original rough-in location is middle-top where there is a round cut-out in base 2x4.

▸ Drain & Vent
▸ Final

Online Enhanced:

Customer found a wine-bar picture on internet for inspiration.

We added sink, plug, lighting and fridge.

Skills Required:

  • Plumbing (rough-in).
  • Design.
  • Order Cabinets, sink, fridge, hardware.
  • Electrical rough-in (plugs and lighting).
  • Building rough-in inspection
  • Electrical rough-in inspection
  • Drywall, Mud, Sand, Paint.
  • Install Cabinets.
  • Make wine bottle holder.
  • Make fridge door front.
  • Make and install countertop.
  • Tile backsplash.
  • Placed sink.
  • Plumbing hookup.
  • Electrical final.
  • Final inspections.

All done by Guelph Reno, other than Plumbing and Electrical.

Budget Kitchen
▸ Before.

In the Beginning...

The walls were framed. The range vent and power were in. The plumbing roughed-in.

The design process was similar to a kitchen consultation at Home Depot.


  1. Collect Requirements:
    • Take precise measurements.
    • List appliances and sizes.
  2. Prepare some initial drawings.

  3. Review-refine until OK.
▸ 2D Layout.
▸ 3D Layout.
▸ Final.


The final result looks like the design... which is the point.

Watch Kitchen movie for more on this project.

Flooring Transition

Finish front room.

Tile and Flooring.

Tile at Entrance, transitions into flooring.

Example: Kitchen Reno
▸ Before, view 1.

Problem Area...

☹ View from dinette is sad.

☹ Cupboard is deep and high, making storage hard to use.

▸ Before, view 2.

Problem Area...

☹ Dishwasher cut into closet is ugly.

☹ Storage above dishwasher is deep and high and hard to use.

▸ Before, 3D view.
▸ Proposed, 3D view.

3D layout for visualizing how the space could be reworked.

▸ Nearly Done.


  • Storage via upper cabinets is usable.
  • Increased counter space.
  • Fridge and Dishwasher de-emphasized.
  • Better flow.
▸ In Progress, Demolition.


Project has started.
Hm... got to replace that floor.

The lower-right area is the ceiling over the stairwell to the basement. Later, you will see that there was space for a "pencil" drawer between that area and the counter. False door fronts were mounted later to make the counter tie-in or blend with the rest of the kitchen.

▸ Waiting for Cabinets.

Coming along:

Almost done; still need to tile backsplash. Result is close to 3D design.

  • Bulkheads built, .
  • Drywalled,
  • Ceiling texture matched,
  • Floor tiled.

Tweaking the kitchen to get more counter space.

The original kitchen had two built-in deep but hard-to-utilise cupboards.

Removing the build-in closets allowed for more cupboards, more counter and increased the feeling of openness and light.

Other improvements include tiled ceramic floor on diagonal for pizzazz.

Pot lights on dimmer for nice even illumination.

All work by Guelph Reno, except plumbing, electrical and cabinets. Barzotti Woodworking ltd had made the original cabinets, so we returned to them to make matching ones.

Example: Basement Kitchen
▸ In progress.
▸ Nearly Done.

Job Notes:

Customer wanted a second kitchen in the basement.

Guelph Reno's part is done.

Time for cabinets and counter.

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